Market access insights based on custom payer and other stakeholder research to help companies optimize HEOR designs, pricing, contract terms and communications. Insightful. Actionable guidance. Track perceptions and behaviors. Predict formulary and medical policy decisions. Inform health economics and outcomes research designs. Test prices and contract terms. Segment, profile and target accounts. Test value propositions and messages. Technical. Leading analytics. Sample with probability proportional to size. Probe on organization-specific choice sets. Assess organizational readiness to change. Identify decision-making heuristics. Measure decision-making likelihoods. Map service areas and delivery networks. Model complex system dynamics. Delightful. Satisfaction by design. Pivot with boutique consultancy nimbleness. Offer therapeutic area non-competes protecting clients’ proprietary insights. Guarantee performance. Provide unlimited follow-up support. Maintain senior manager engagement to ensure success Special. Significantly different. Leverage 20+ years payer research experience spanning 30+ therapeutic areas. Offer 10-day turnarounds and samples of 70+payers covering 200M+ lives. Customize all solutions — nothing is off-the-shelf. Focus exclusively on strategy and research. Donate services to rare disease communities. 20/20 Market Access Insights.20/20 Market Access Insights. A focused study. Clear insights. 20 questions. 20 unique payers, each covering 1 million+ lives. 20-page topline report. 20-day turnaround. Market Access Harvest. Gathers small bunches of insights. 12 opportunities to participate each year. 10 unique payers, each covering 1 million+ lives. 8 or fewer proprietary questions. 6 shared demographic/firmographic variables. 4-week turnaround. Fast-Acting Market Access Insights. Quickly relieves uncertainty. 10 questions. 10 unique payers, each covering 1 million+ lives. 10-page topline report. 10-day turnaround. Market Access Tracking.. Follows perceptions and behaviors. 70 unique payers, each covering 200 million+ lives. 20-minute online survey. 20 follow-up interviews. 2 subgroup analyses. 2 interactive dashboards with filters. Camm is a market access strategist and researcher with over 25 years of focused payer (MCOs and PBMs) and institution (hospitals and IDNs) experience. He has extensive experience interviewing and surveying payers, institutions, and other stakeholders (e.g., employers, government programs, health benefits consultants, providers, patients and care givers). Camm Epstein leads strategy and research for Currant Insights, a boutique market access consultancy. Previously, Camm led GfK HealthCare’s market access practice, where he developed first-to-market representative payer samples. For three years prior to joining GfK HealthCare, he built and led a market access research team for MediMedia Managed Markets, where he pioneered payer tracking studies and developed new conjoint methods to segment payers and predict their formulary management decisions. Prior to that, he led the market access practice for a boutique firm for nearly a decade. Camm spent the early part of his career conducting managed care-related health policy research for government agencies, including the New York City Mayor’s Office and New Jersey’s Department of Human Services. Camm holds a B.A. in Biology and Psychology from Rutgers University, an M.P.H. from Columbia University, and a Ph.D. in Public Administration from New York University with concentrations in Health Policy and Management, Public Policy and Public Finance. He has taught an undergraduate course on marketing research, several graduate courses on managed care, and graduate courses on health care financing, long-term care, performance measurement and policy analysis.